Operational Leasing

Operational Leasing is the leasing fleet companies. The global trend is towards outsourcing and a company that requires a fleet of vehicles for operation opt for leasing the same in Universal leasing, breaking free of the worries of maintenance, procurement and administration of insurance, replacement of a or repair the damaged vehicle, the maintenance of municipal permits a day and carrying fees lease expenses, deducting them of their tax base.

To achieve this objective UNIVERSAL LEASING CHILE has highly trained to meet all the requirements of our customers and ensure the operation of the fleet, 365 days a year technical staff.

In short, it is delivered in expert hands full managing your fleet to allocate their material and human resources to achieve one's goals of your business resources.

Finally, the change in tax legislation in mid-2002, certainly require a greater need to engage the services of Operating Leasing.

To qualify for this mode, the minimum number of units is 2 vehicles for a period of not less than 12 months. More information or quotation contact the following mail:
[email protected]

[email protected]

To provide better service please include the following information when requesting a quote.

Required Number of Vehicles
Characteristics of the required models or brand preference (cars, vans, camionetas4x2 or 4x4)
Fuel type (petrol or diesel)
Color preferably
Locality in which vehicles circulate.
monthly average mileage
Lease term
Special vehicle equipment if required (rollbar, logo or corporate image beacon)
Accessories should include (airbag, ABS brakes, air conditioning, central locking, etc.)
Name and RUT of the company, address and telephone number.
Name and RUT of the company, address and telephone number.

Benefits "Operational Leasing"

The customer benefits from the discounts get UNIVERSAL LEASING CHILE "Operational Leasing" both in the purchase of vehicles, as in negotiating insurance and maintenance services.
The company avoids hold significant investments in assets that are not inherent in the activity of the company, improve indicators of both liquidity and debt.
There is no requirement for a strong initial outlay ("foot").
Always know what the overall cost of the vehicle fleet.

Operating Leasing generated a tax benefit because, as a lease, your dues are deducted 100% (in commercial vehicles).

UNIVERSAL LEASING CHILE "Operational Leasing" is able to actively participate, with fleets of new vehicles unused, in areas of economic activity, such as:

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