Our Vehicles


Chevrolet Cobalt LT AT-MT  2018 

Your driving experience on board the Cobalt will be even more complete. This model features a 7-inch touch screen with MyLink technology and availability of Apple CarPlay ™ and Android Auto ™. This added to the radio control at the wheel (LTZ versions) will allow you to enjoy all the connectivity without taking your eyes off the road

Chevrolet Spark

The most remarkable quality of the engines of Chevrolet Spark is its economy. A very interesting alternative if you want to take care of your pocket as combined with 5-speed manual gearbox make it perform to the best every liter of fuel.
5 people 5 speed its main principle is its economy in conbustible engine 800c.c

Nissan Versa Mechanical or Automatic

It's efficient and it's fun, and innovative design with dual fuel injection, has more energy than would correspond. Microfinished to reduce friction and provide a faster response, Versa Sedan engine valve timing has to change that continuously adjusts engine output to provide a strong acceleration with fuel efficiency.

Chevrolet Sail

  • abs brakes
  • Air conditioner
  • Reverse sensor
  • neblineros
  • Digital tachometers

Chevrolet New Sail 2016 air-conditioned

  • Impressively spacious.
    The spacious interior, a hallmark of this vehicle, with all the necessary comfort for your travels comfortable and entertained.
  • It included in all its versions and electric mirrors alzavidrios in its 4 doors, central locking. Also in LS and LT versions an air conditioning with climate control and radio control at the wheel.

Mini Bus Hyundai

  • Electric glasses
  • central locking
  • neblineros
  • 2400cc
  • 120HP
  • Hydraulic steering
  • Diesel Capacity 12 passengers Motor

Chevrolet Orlando

  • 8 Airbag
  • Diesel
  • automatic
  • sunroof
  • Electric alzavidrios
  • Full Equipment
  • Sensor backing down

Hyundai Porter Abatible

  • 2500cc
  • 80HP
  • Mechanical transmission
  • neblineros
  • 1360 Kg load.
  • Turbo Diesel engine.

Boxcar Chevrolet N300

  • MOTOR bencinero
  • 4005 MM LONG
  • 1.620 MM WIDTH
  • 1915 mm high
  • ENGINE 4-cylinder, 1.2 liter, 16v

Chevrolet Combo Diesel

In the Combo II, you find all the features of a remarkable work car, but maxed out. Its load capacity, increased to 742 kg., Sets a new standard in its category. In addition, an exclusive sliding side door with his usual back door, provide an excellent system for quick and easy loading and unloading. Dual air bag.

Nissan Navara c/ mining equipment

Heavy Duty Reconfiguring the more robust body, higher and lower engine protection, make this new SUV the perfect vehicle for the highest standards of durability, quality and reliability. Nissan Navara HD is characterized by a proven pick up especially in Chile, designed to improve performance in the local geography performance.

Chevrolet Dmax 4x4

Chevrolet D-Max has a 3.0 turbo intercooler diesel 4-cylinder that delivers a power of 130 HP @ 3800 rpm and a torque of 280 Nm @ 2000 rpm. Flat torque curve that owns this truck provides excellent response anywhere and condition of land making this pick up a faithful companion for Mining trabajo.Equipada.

Chevrolet Dmax 4x2

  • double Airbag
  • neblineros
  • Radio mp3
  • engine 1.6
  • Electric alzavidrios
  • Air conditioner
  • ABS brakes
  • Mining equipment Full

Mitsubishi L200 4x2

  • RADIO WITH MP3, AUX, USB and Bluetooth
  • Displacement (cc) 2,442

NKR 2800 KL  abatible

nkr chevrolet truck diesel engine load swing 3.0
2800 kl.


One of the strengths of Frontier 2.5 is the length and width of its pickup that accommodates bulky cargo objects (up to 11 cubic meters). It is close to the ground to make the loading and unloading process easier.